From ambient soundscapes to modern electronic sounds

SN-A is a music project by sound wizard and electronic music artist SEVREN NI-ARB (e.g. X-Marks the Pedwalk, PAX, U-TEK, Ringtailed Snorter, Hyperdex-1-sect, A-Head and more).

In 2012 Sevren Ni-Arb surprisingly announced his electronic music project SN-A with first releases called ,,TRANSMISSION 01-001-1″ and ,,TRANSMISSION 350-100-2″. Both tracks were taken from the album “TRANSMISSIONS” (released on June 7th 2013 on Infacted Recordings).

Close your eyes and let your thoughts guide you into an electronic odyssey – the ultimate elctronic soundtrack for here and now, tomorrow and the future! Atmospheric, fascinating and disturbing, driving and thrilling. A remarkable sound experience from ambient soundscapes to modern electronic sounds. Dive into the sound cosmos of SN-A!